What We Do

Boomerang works with legal services firms who serve the due diligence needs of corporations, law firms and lenders involved in mergers and acquisitions, commercial and residential real estate transactions, and all lending activities. Our offices provide full state and county coverage in Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. Our Chicago and Seattle offices provide a suite of DMV, consulate, and Secretary of State services. 

In 15 years of operation, Boomerang Information Services has found success with our can-do, customer-first attitude. We pride ourselves in excellence and expertise in every service we provide. We understand why its important for you and your clients to do this work thoroughly and correctly every time.

Why Choose Us?

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Lower Prices

We cut out the middle man, which allows us to keep prices low and our client’s finances flexible. Our business has grown where we can offer lower prices without sacrificing service or reliability.

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“At a glance” Reports

We simplify your workflow by delivering research results in an easy-to-use format. Our team always delivers an invoice, the specific records, and an excel sheet you can manipulate so you can find the information you need quickly and easily.


Responsive Team

We’re available by phone and email to help when you need it. Our team has long-standing relationships with state and county offices, and our connections and expertise help us get your results back faster.