Boomerang's B Corp Story

Over the past 2 years, the Boomerang team has worked to raise corporate standards and become a more socially minded and environmentally conscious company. Their vision was simple: to create a company that upheld the values of its employees and maintained a viable profit margin. In 2016 that vision was achieved with Boomerang becoming a Certified B Corporation®. Here is their story:

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The Boomerang B Corp Journey

Ever since Boomerang opened its doors fourteen years ago, we have always strived to set ourselves apart by doing business a bit differently. In the beginning, that desire manifested itself in Boomerang’s focus on providing exceptional products and services with unparalleled customer service to match. In 2016, Boomerang took that mission even further by pursuing the goal to become a Certified B Corporation, a goal that pushes Boomerang to meet a higher standard of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

John Pratt, Boomerang’s Founder, President and CEO, began this transition in 2015 with the desire to refocus the objectives of the company to become a driving force for positive change in the local community. With an established background in the nonprofit sector, Pratt was prepared and enthusiastic about the challenge that was to come. 

Fast-forward twelve months and today, Boomerang is proud to announce that it is officially a Certified B Corporation! This milestone was achieved through a series of amendments to our official corporate status with the State of Illinois (we are now legally a Benefits Corporation rather than a traditional S-Corp), as well as many improvements to employee benefits, environmental sustainability and community engagement and support. A few highlights include:

  • Employee profit sharing, increased transparency and higher employee engagement through monthly staff meetings to discuss company goals and improvements in employee benefits.
  • Corporate contributions for continuing education and health improvement initiatives.
  • Eight weeks paid maternity/paternity leave, as well as paid time off for the purpose of volunteering and civic engagement (e.g., voting, tutoring, serving on a nonprofit board).
  • A commitment to using suppliers with an explicit focus on environmentally sustainable practices, community-oriented goals and fair labor practice. Since 2014, Boomerang has reduced its paper consumption by 80%, and is continuing to reduce its footprint.
  • Pro-bono and discounted services to 501(c)3 organizations, as well as corporate charitable donations and employee donation matching.

The Boomerang team is excited for the new challenges and improvements that this new chapter will bring, and is delighted to join the ranks of the more than 1,900 Certified B Corps from 130 industries in 50 countries that share one unifying goal - to redefine success in business. Join us as we continue on our journey to better serve our clients and our community, as well as to preserve our environment for generations to come.

The B Lab® Certification Process

In the process of becoming a legal Benefit Corporation, a company must amend its corporate structure to follow the provisions of Benefit Corporation legislation. In order to become a Certified B Corporation, the Benefit Corporation must pass a rigorous 3rd party B-Impact assessment through B Lab®. The assessment reviews performance around  employee engagement, community impact, environmental sustainability, and Governance, which encompasses Accountability and Transparency.

Want to know more?

We learned a lot in the undertaking to become a Certified B Corporation - about the process and about the values we wanted our company to represent. Every staff member took a role in the organizing, designing and implementing of the transition. If you would like to learn more about our process towards certification, what changes we implemented, or how we might be able to assist you in becoming a Certified B Corporation, send us a message!