Boomerang Announces New Office Opening in Pacific Northwest

Seattle, WA / March 1, 2016 / — Boomerang Information Services, Inc. today announces the expansion of its due diligence services into the Pacific Northwest. With the inclusion of all counties in Washington and Oregon, Boomerang continues to increase the quantity of services to existing clients as well as providing a pathway for new clients.

James Wood, Director of Research, is leading the opening of the Pacific Northwest office. James has four years of experience working in Boomerang’s Chicago office and believes that clients and opportunities are underserved in that part of the country. “Expanding into the Pacific Northwest gives that region an opportunity to experience the professionalism and attention that working with Boomerang brings. Our current clients know how demonstrably better working with Boomerang can be and we want new clients to have that experience.”

Boomerang’s current clients will see that service levels are maintained and prices are competitive with this expansion. “The move into the Pacific Northwest came out of requests by clients. They wanted our services and the convenience of one-stop-shopping for their individual and multi-jurisdictional requests. We listened, and we are responding by making it easier for new and existing clients to go directly to Boomerang for Midwest and Pacific Northwest due diligence needs,” said John Pratt, President and founder of Boomerang. He added, “Boomerang has a tradition of establishing great relationships with various county departments. When we go and sit in their offices, talking and listening to their expectations, we are creating value for our clients through our exceptional brand identity. When Clerks and Recorders work with Boomerang, they know we represent integrity and a commitment to getting things right the first time.”

In today’s uncertain economic climate and a continually consolidating marketplace, growth is essential. By providing full state coverage in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and now in Washington and Oregon, Boomerang is continuously looking to step ahead to meet current and future client needs. Expect more geographic expansion news from Boomerang later this year.

If you have any questions about this announcement or about Boomerang’s services, please contact John Pratt, President at or James Wood, Director of Research at


The new PNW address is:
Boomerang Information Services, Inc.
100 S King st., Suite 100, #703
Seattle, WA 98104
(847)736-0034 direct