Introducing the Boomerang Blog

Just like Apple, Boomerang Information Services is launching a new feature today. And while it has nothing to do with streaming music, our first ever blog post mirrors the efforts of the largest technology company in the US. What we share with Apple is the understanding that innovation and advancement are categorically important to success. And while it feels like we are a bit behind, if we don’t start now, we will always be following and never leading.

So why this, a blog? With a Boomerang blog, we can accomplish three things:
• Share industry insights that might help you work with your clients
• Understand the nuances of our industry and running a small business
• Explore openly our speculations and vision on the future of abstracting and public records research

So pay attention to this space. Signup for notifications and let us know if you have questions or want to know more about what and how we create, maintain, and grow a successful business like Boomerang.