Services by Location

Over the course of our 14 years we’ve built the relationships and networks that help you get your results back faster. The Boomerang team currently provides full state and complete county coverage in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Oregon, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington, and Wisconsin. Our services cover over 700 local jurisdictions and 8 state jurisdictions. 

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State Services

  • Corporate Articles of Incorporation Filing and Retrieval
  • LLC Articles of Organization Filing and retrieval
  • UCC Search Services
  • UCC Filing Services
  • Federal Tax Lien Search (certified and uncertified)
  • LLC Annual Report Filings and Retrieval
  • Corporate Annual Report Filing and Retrieval
  • Corporate/LLC Search/Certificate of Good Standing
  • LP/LLLP/LLP Search/Certificate of Existence
  • Publications and Forms 
  • Certificate of Good Standing Verification and Retrieval
  • Assumed name, DBA Search and Report

County Services

  • Full Chain of Title Abstracting (Commercial & Residential)
  • Residential Current Owner 
  • Residential Full 40 year+ Search and Report
  • Commercial Current Owner 
  • Commercial Full 40 year+ Search and Report
  • Foreclosure Information Services
  • UCC Fixture Filing Search, Retrieval and Filing
  • Federal Tax Lien Search, Retrieval and Filing
  • State Tax Lien Search, Retrieval and Filing
  • Judgment Lien Search, Retrieval and Filing
  • Mechanics Lien Search, Retrieval and Filing
  • EPA Lien Search and Retrieval
  • ERISA Lien Search and Retrieval
  • Grantor/Grantee Index Research and Report
  • Local Jurisdiction Civil Litigation Research
  • Local Jurisdiction Criminal Litigation Research
  • Local Court Document Retrieval
  • UCC Creation; Amendment and Termination Filing
  • All County Document Filing and Recording
  • Document Reporting
  • Lien Release Processing, Recording and Tracking

Municipal Services (Chicago & Seattle)

  • Business License Walk in Review and Filing (Chicago, Seattle)
  • Regional Consulate Walk in Services (All Chicago Regional Offices)
  • DMV Walk in Plate and Title filing and Retrieval (Illinois)
  • Registered Agent Services (Illinois)
  • Building, construction permit application filing (Seattle, Chicago)

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