Throughout this pandemic, Boomerang has kept its virtual doors open, continuing to offer all our core services whenever and wherever possible.  As we have always done, we are providing fast, reliable results that deliver for our clients.

One question we frequently get is about the status of various states and counties.  Generally speaking, the State offices are working hard and will shortly be back to full normal operations, and we have been able to conduct County Litigation and Recorder’s Office searches with the same turnaround time we usually provide.  Court copies in some counties are delayed, and there are closed counties where we have searches submitted and on hold until they re-open, but this is not widespread.

For current numbers on each State’s recovery, check out this data site.

We encourage you to email with us any questions you may have at [email protected].  Our staff is here, standing by, ready to answer you – and to provide the critical records retrieval help you need.

Thank you and take good care,

– John Pratt