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James Wood
 Director of Operations
 James has been part of the Boomerang team since 2012, and oversaw the opening of the Seattle office on 2016. James grew up in the New England area, but moved to Michigan for college where he studied Political Science and Strategic Communications at Calvin College. James continued onto Chicago where he began working with John and Dave. He enjoys biking, hiking, a good beer and a skilled chess opponent.

County Records Databases: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

With county records increasingly available online, the temptation to conduct DIY searches grows ever stronger.  But before you undertake a search on your own, consider this: online records for many counties do not fully reflect all the information currently on file. First, while many counties are in the process of bringing their records online, this [...]

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Meet the Team

Title Department Meet Dave and Nick!   Dave is our Director of Title and Nick is our Title Research Specialist.  Combined, they both have over 35 years of experience in title research.  We pulled them away momentarily to ask them for some advice on placing an order with our Title Department Dave:  “Having a parcel [...]

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James Wood promoted to director of operations

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I accept the task of Director of Operation for Boomerang Information Services. Over the last five years my responsibilities at Boomerang have grown to include roles in development, management and operations. With this recent alignment, I look forward to pushing Boomerang towards being a more modern and [...]

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Artificial Intelligence: The Great Disruptor

As AI becomes a foundational technology in the global economy and the advances begin to accelerate, calculations are being made on how professional landscapes will begin to change with those advances. It was initially believed that machines would take over factory jobs and manual labor tasks, but as the technology becomes more sophisticated, the list [...]

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Stay Connected With Us

Boomerang Information Services is reaching out to stay connected with you. The top three ways to keep up on our latest news and updates is by connecting with us on our Facebook, LinkedIn, and this website. Every week we try to have at least one post on our Facebook and LinkedIn that will give you [...]

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Boomerang’s Story

By: James Wood Most small businesses begin as a Cinderella story. They are born into a market with little name recognition or competitive edge; and if they are fortunate enough for an opportunity to create that name, the pressure of success if immense. Boomerang is no exception to that narrative. It was the summer of [...]

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