An SOS for the Arts

At Boomerang, we love the arts.  Many of our staff are actively involved in making art and we, as an organization, support the work of a variety of arts organizations.  So we are especially concerned about the ways in which the pandemic is affecting artists everywhere. At this moment of social distancing, arts organizations are [...]

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Additional Role of COVID-19 – The Nonprofit Sector

Of the many traditions, institutions and social structures adversely affected by COVID-19, the nonprofit sector is perhaps among the most vulnerable.  Called upon to continue serving as a safety net to those most in need, nonprofits are simultaneously finding themselves in financial peril.  The stress on the sector is real and could mean the closure [...]

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Business License: Five Must-Know Facts Before Filing

Filing a business license with the City of Chicago can, in fact, go smoothly – especially when you work through a licensed expediter like Boomerang. But many applicants start the process confused and with misconceptions that can come back to haunt them later. Taking a minute to get clear up front information can save you [...]

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Going the Extra Mile

The other day we got an interesting order.  A request came in to do a search on a former school property.  When initial online inquiries yielded very little, we decided we’d need to go on site and made the decision to send our head of Title, Dave Albrecht, on the road – dispatching him to [...]

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Speed and Accuracy – The Way of the Future

Last spring, Forbes published an article that cited a growing demand for digital mortgages. With Baby Boomers moving out of the home-buying market, and impatient millennials entering it, lenders are feeling the pressure to speed up. Not so fast, says Forbes. Despite customer desire for mortgages to be accessible through a quick on-line click-thru process, [...]

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Putting the B in Boomerang

What do King Arthur Flour, New Belgium Brewing, Eileen Fisher, and Kleen Kanteen all have in common? Each of these companies is a certified B Corp: businesses that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. And in 2016, Boomerang joined their ranks. Why [...]

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County Records Databases: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

With county records increasingly available online, the temptation to conduct DIY searches grows ever stronger.  But before you undertake a search on your own, consider this: online records for many counties do not fully reflect all the information currently on file. First, while many counties are in the process of bringing their records online, this [...]

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The Race for Public Records: Investigating Chicago’s 14 Mayoral Candidates

In a complex unfolding story, it appears that Chicago mayoral candidate Amara Enyia may have underreported her 2017 income by almost a third.  Enyia’s financial troubles may, in fact, run deeper as reporting by the Chicago Tribune reveals that the IRS filed a tax lien against her for errors on her taxes in 2011-2013, and [...]

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Boomerang Information Services Honored as Best for Workers

MEDIA ADVISORY: For Immediate Release CONTACT: John H. Pratt, Boomerang Information Services, Inc., [email protected], 312-662-1206 Callie Rojewski, B Lab; [email protected]; 610-293-0299 ext. 218 Boomerang Information Services Honored as Best for Workers, Creating Most Positive Impact for Employees Evaluated by Comprehensive B Impact Assessment September 19, 2017: Chicago, IL Today, Boomerang Information Services, Inc. (Boomerang) was recognized for creating the [...]

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